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Bambuser-ling Brummie bloggers

Bambuser is a service that can stream live video from a webcam or mobile phone onto the Internet. I was shown it for the frist time in Preston by one of my tutors and today got a couple of Brummie bloggers (Pete Ashton and Stef Lewandowski) trying it out too. The result was quite entertaining – three windows with three conversations going on.

I like Bambuser and can see its potential for opening up the newsroom – perhaps streaming news conferences or getting journalists to check in with readers.

As with Qik, the mobile function also allows journalists to stream events live and to allows readers a chance to ask questions.

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It’s Easter…

…and I’m off for a few days to spend time with my nearest and dearest.

I will be leaving the tech where it is (except my new mobile!), so there will be no blogging for a few days.

Happy holidays to everyone.




Easter morning in the garden

Originally uploaded by Aeioux

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  • The difference between SXSW Interactive and Music: ijustine: “How would you deal with upscaling of the infrastructure?” man: “Errr. I wouldn’t. I’d just chill.”
    (tags: SXSW)
  • “…players don’t really know what they joined or why, but for me…it is a perfect implicit structure that can be used to start setting up the colorwar events…it is an idiom that can be used to create rapid affiliation and action models in the future.”

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