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“Twitter beats Facebook any day…”

Twitter gets its own song courtesy of journalism student Alana Taylor:

“…not many people do it, but me and Scoble do.”

“The cool thing about Twitter is you get to meet new people. You even get to stalk the famous ones too.”

[via Fred Wilson]

The Davos Question

Just a few hours left to post a video to the Davos site on YouTube. The point of The Davos Question is to get people offering up ideas of what would make the world a better place in 2008.

I think it’s a fantastic idea, although I’m slightly flummoxed by the execution. The videos are rated by YouTube users (I think that’s where the plan starts to fall down slightly) and the highest ranked will be screened at the World Economic Forum AGM in Davos this coming week.

The downside to this worthy idea is that the software is a bit confusing and, instead of hearing every submission, I find I’m picking and choosing based on video quality. It also, as you would expect, attracts some utter tosh and madness.

But there are some good videos tackling issues such as climate change and poverty. One interesting one talked about using social networking to re-engage people with the democratic process.

A passion for fashion: The Birmingham News

An advertisment for Birmingham Alabama’s newspaper, The News, from 1977. Perhaps we should be doing our own version for The Birmingham Post? “A passion for business and local politics,” it doesn’t really have the same ring to it…

[Edit: and what exactly is that man hiding in his jacket that makes the woman laugh when he turns around? I’m intrigued.]

Don Was interviews Ozzy Osbourne

I’ve just spent a rather fantastic hour watching Don Was – of Was (Not Was) fame – interview Ozzy Osbourne about the birth of Heavy Metal, Black Sabbath and that infamous reality TV show:

Ozzy: I only ever watched a couple of episodes, you know. I don’t like to see myself on TV. I’m all errr…whacked. I’m trying to fix myself when I’m watching me. Plus the fact I was that whacked out all the time, I couldn’t understand what the fuck I was talking about. They were thinking about putting subtitles on it – one in English and one in Braille.

Don: So you weren’t trying to play it up at all?

Ozzy: Oh no! You couldn’t be THAT dim!

The interview comes in eight parts. The first, which talks about Birmingham and The Beatles, is below. With all the parodies that exist out there is easy to forget just how lucid, down-to-earth, interesting and entertaining the ol’bat muncher from Aston can be:

Lucky blogger

It has been said that I am a lucky little blogger to get the comments that I do.

When I started blogging (a little over two months ago) I was fearful of trolls and comments akin to those on YouTube.

Yes, I have been lucky. No more so than this week with the explosion of fantastic responses about The Post website. Taking the opportunity to both paraphrase and name drop, the thing has taken on a life of it’s own.

Yesterday, the blog was even hijacked by my editor, who was sourcing revenue-generating ideas for the new site.

It was quite an odd moment reviewing and approving his comment and, at the same time, realising just how unusual this whole thing is. I will, of course, encourage him to set up his own blog!

YouTube star!

Well… hardly. But still. Aargh!

Not a fan of being captured on camera, this came as a bit of a shock. While googling “Birmingham Post“, I came across this clip from something called Business and Learning Connections: (embedding disabled for some reason).

Mostly it’s our editor Marc Reeves but check out the girl with the dangly earrings! I almost choked on my lunch! That be lil’ ol’ me before I dyed my hair (which means it must be over a year old). And yes, my desk is ALWAYS that messy.

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